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Personalized service at an affordable price

Our mission is to provide a personalized web design experience to small businesses with clear expectations and realistic pricing – something you won’t find from 99% of web design companies. We take the time to get to know more about your business and what your goals are so we can create a website that’s unique to your business and best represents who you are and what you do.

100% Custom Design

Your website is designed and unique to your business. We do not use pre-made templates and do not outsource the work.

Monthly Support & Updates

Our website maintenance plan includes hosting, back-end maintenance, security updates, weekly backups, and any ongoing edits.

Low Startup Cost

We charge a very small up front fee for the custom design & technical set up, unlike most web agencies that charge a large upfront payment.

Recent Projects

Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui

Boys and Girls Clubs of Maui is a second home for Maui’s keiki. During those critical hours when school is out but parents / guardians are working, BGCM Clubhouses provide safe, positive environments where youth can come and feel empowered.

JD Painting & Decorating Inc.

JD Painting provides a full range of construction expertise and experience from inception to completion. Throughout the years they have developed the reputation as one of the highest quality service contractors in Hawai’i.

Joe Maxx Coffee Co.

Joe Maxx offers some of the best varieties of coffee beans and espresso in the country, roasted and brewed to perfection. JMCC makes its best effort to design coffee shops with a unique and friendly atmosphere, where customers can socialize in a comfortable environment while enjoying the best brewed coffee, espresso and pastries in town.

Our Process


1. We Say Hello!

We start by listening to you – the first and most important step on the whole process.

4. Final Approval

Once the new demo is finished, we’ll do detailed testing to make sure everything is working correctly and ready to go. We’ll send you a link to preview and schedule a time to go through the demo.

2. We Gather Info

We’ll get some basic info from you, such as your company logo, story / history, services offered, contact information, photos, etc…

5. We Launch!

Once all the final revisions & edits have been made and the site has been approved, it’s ready to go live. We make sure all the technical requirements are taken care of, and then we launch your new site!

3. We Design & Develop

We take the goals, ideas, and all the info we’ve gathered up to this point and get to work designing & developing your new website.

6. We Support

Now that your new website is live, we are standing by, ready and available to make any changes / updates you need. Our monthly hosting, maintenance & support plans will keep your website updated, backed-up, & secure

How Much Is A Bad Website Costing You?

Your website plays a major role in expanding & growing your business in 2020 and beyond. Is your website Helping or Hurting your business?

In today’s digital age, consumers judge a businesses credibility by it’s website, regardless of what type of business you have – and that judgement isn’t just limited to your website itself – it carries over into the way users perceive the company as a whole.

The credibility of your company is powerfully linked to the aesthetic quality of your website. Because your website is most likely the first point of contact potential customers will have with your business, it’s more important than ever for your website to make a good first impression.

A poorly designed website, especially one that’s not mobile friendly, can significantly tarnish a company’s credibility – but a modern, well designed website that is mobile friendly shows that your company cares about it’s digital presence and can drastically boost credibility and client acquisition.


85% of B2B customers will look up a company’s website BEFORE making a purchasing decision.


78% of consumers in the U.S. alone admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on their website design.


43% of consumers said that if a businesses website is not mobile friendly, they assume that it’s an indication that the business is outdated.


57% of consumers said they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed / non mobile friendly website.

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